About KIK

 KIK’s mission: We nurture a community in which our children grow up naturally, freely and independently.

KIK’s core value:

Happy (game), Simple (life), (close to) Nature, Healthy (mind and body), true (experience), Love (each other)

KIK’s objectives of cultivation:

1.     Good behavior and habit

Good behavior and habit are the basis of growth. Behavior determines habit, habit determines personality and personality determines fate. For that to happen, we are committed to guiding our children to their proper living behavior and habit from twelve aspects, including eating, sleeping, learning, thoughts, personality, problem solving, socialization, etiquette, finance, living, sanitation and safety.

2.     How to make right choices

We have been making choices all the time since we were born, like what kind of toys, books and friends we are going to choose. First of all, we need to return the right to our children if we expect them to make right choices. Being parents or educators, we need to set up principles during children’s preschool period. At KIK, we encourage our children to make their own choices as many as possible so that they can be responsible for their own choices. Child is an integrated individual. We should not only focus on this integrity and individuality, but also pay full respect to children’s discipline of growth and trust them as well as their abilities. Let’s love our children unconditionally and moderately. 

 KIK’s pedagogy:

Children’s thoughts are always inspired through cooperation and solve problems through negotiation. They are invited to learn how to express their own opinions from display and presentation. During this process, however, teacher’s role is a supporter (creating a supportive atmosphere and challenging their own current experiences) and an intimate learning collaborator (constantly updating his or her knowledge system and accumulating learning experiences together with children). At KIK, this is the creative problem-solving approach we strongly recommend. We believe that our children will know how to solve problems through multiple ways and improve themselves in this approach; teachers can also continually grow and become a powerful supporter and collaborator.


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