About KIK

KIK’s school song - The Song of Stars - was created freely by the leader of KIK, Duo’s mother. This is children’s favorite song and very easy to sing.

The English part: ‘I’m a little shining bright star growing bigger every night. I can change the world when I grow up. You’d better watch out.’ It mirrors KIKers’ true life. They are growing up happily. Everyone has his own personality like a shining, bright but unique star. Unwittingly, they are growing bigger and bigger every day. We should believe that each of them has endless possibility to make contribution to the whole society.

The Chinese part of this song clearly reflects KIK’s core value:

HAPPY (games), SIMPLE (life), (close to) NATURE, HEALTHY (mind and body), TRUE (experience), LOVE (each other)

The composer, Liu Kai, is a music talent who used to write songs for Zhang Liangyin, a popular singer in China. He conveyed the meaning of this song through beautiful melody very well. KIKers really enjoyed this song after listening the first time.

Here, great thanks for Duo’s mother and Mr. Liu for donating the copyright of this song to KIA for free.

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