About KIK

Located in prosperous Ludao international community of Chengdu, KIK covers an area of over 4700 square meters, construction area of over 3200 square meters and green outdoor area of over 3700 square meters. Since we know that environment plays the key role in children’s education and comprehensive quality, it designs each small part of the kindergarten with its philosophy and dedication. There are activity rooms for different age levels, lounge rooms, dreaming science museum, creative ceramic art museum, egg-like book house and children’s theater, etc. Also, we design a large garden-like sports field integrated with a small farm, sand pool, slope and climbing wall based on children’s development. Each corner is designed to grab children’s attention, invite them to explore new things, solve problems, interact with groups, cultivate independence and express their own expectations, which enable KIKers to fulfill their potential and free themselves in KIK.

KIK is an ideal choice for families who enjoy natural, ecological and healthy atmosphere.

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电话:028-85079851 028-87032331
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